About Us

We are a family of 4 plus dog (Chippy) living in San Francisco. We love to travel and we love to eat. Sometimes we combine the two and that's the best! We hope that our experiences will help you with your own travels or to give you ideas for your next trip!

The Team

Henry About
Henry ``Ikkun``
Reviewer of Fun and Food
Henry loves animals, puzzles and museums. He also loves to run around anywhere – outside, inside, anywhere where he can get his ants out of his pants. He is learning to be a big brother, and doing a great job at it! He is an amazing traveler, and is able to adapt to any place he goes to right away. He loves to eat carbs in any form (mac n cheese, bread, fruit) and likes his food “decomposed”. His parents are trying hard to expand his palate, so that’s how this journey of tasting the world began!
Andrew Akkun About
Andrew ``Akkun``
Reviewer of Fun and Food
Andrew has been traveling internationally since he was 7 weeks old, so you could say he’s an experienced traveler. 🙂 He loves to chew on things and practice crusing around our furniture. Andrew is trying new foods for the first time! As the taste the world journey goes along, if he’s not sleeping and it’s not too spicy for him, he will start out his food journey in life in a worldly way.
Tony About
Tony ``Dada`` ``Daddy``
Provider of Fun and Food
Tony is the best dad, husband, son, and brother in the world. 🙂 He is patient and nice even if a dish is not really to his taste, he will put a positive spin to his comments. He loves to travel, and has traveled and lived all over the world. He is so excited to share his two passion – traveling and food – with the rest of the world!
Emily About
Emily ``Mama`` ``Mommy``
Provider of Fun and Food
Emily has been a mom for 2.5 years (longer if you count the pregnancy) and is learning how to become one every day. She is the happiest when she is traveling, and cooking something new with country music playing in the background. She is happy she can share these two passion of hers with her family – and now the world! She was a travel agent right out of high school for a few years while attending college, and that job was her favorite job ever. She loves to plan trips for her family, and also for others. It’s the best job in the world to be able to make people’s dream adventures come true!