Are you in San Francisco with kids that wake up early? Whether you are jet-lagged, have an early rising kid, or you are just an early bird – one of the most beautiful times to explore San Francisco is in the early morning!

Next time you are in San Francisco with kids and are awake early in the morning, get out there and do these activities before anyone else gets to it!

1. Watch the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Field

Take a stroll or a run by Chrissy Field, and take in the gorgeous sunrise to start the day! You can walk through the Presidio, or walk towards Fort Mason by the sailboats and end up in the Marina district for breakfast after. The area is stroller friendly, and lots of people running or attending weekend activities early in the morning. As you can see in the photo above, it’s one of the best places to take in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge!

2. Check out Fisherman’s Wharf before the crowds

Before this place becomes one of the busiest tourist spots in San Francisco, it’s a quiet place where you can catch the sea lions waking up, fisherman loading up today’s catch, and watch the sunrise at Aquatic Park. If you dare, take a dip in the water! You will be accompanied by other swimmers from the local swim club, Dolphin Club. They discourage the use of wetsuits – can you do it!? One of the coolest ways to wake up in the morning!

3. Eat at Lori’s Diner in Union Square

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many 24 hour diners available in San Francisco. Lori’s is one of few places open 24 hours in San Francisco and it’s in Union Square! There’s something magical about being at Union Square when it’s quiet and dewy from the morning fog. After you walk around the square, hop into this 50s style diner. Your kids will love the cars and other fun decorations of the restaurant!

4. Ride the cable cars

Getting out there early in the morning is the best time to ride the cable cars. The lines to get on the cable cars in San Francisco can go up to hours. Not so much at 6am! Check out this link for how to go on cable cars, and picking the right one for what you want to do! Generally, the California Street Line is the least popular line, but you might want to take your chances on the Powell lines starting at Union Square early in the morning. There’s a good chance you will be one of the first to ride!

5. Hit the Golden Gate Park early

Golden Gate Park is another place that has a special quality early in the morning that you can’t experience mid-day. Music Concourse has early morning runners and walkers, as well as Tai Chi groups regularly. Or take a stroll around the Stow Lake. The park is open 24 hours, but various parts of the park has opening¬†hours, so be sure to check out this site before heading to a specific location. For more ways to spend time in Golden Gate Park, check out our post on how to spend an entire weekend in Golden Gate Park here!


tow Lake San Francisco with Kids

Stow Lake in the morning