Taste the World

Travel the World in Our Kitchen

Visiting Each Place, One Dish At a Time

Realistically, we can’t travel the world all the time. So, we do our best and travel the world at our dinner table!


I don’t eat meat except chicken and seafood, and I’m working on losing that baby weight so I tend to try to go low on the carbs. 


Tony eats everything, and very open minded to trying new things.


Henry is our little picky eater who likes anything decomposed (aka broken apart, and generally not touching each other), he is our little hipster in the house.


Andrew is a baby and just starting to eat solids. He may or may not partake in this venture with us just yet.


Chippy will eat anything as long as it’s not fresh veggies or fruit.


We hope this little hobby project of ours will expand Henry and Andrew’s palates, and inspire you all to share and create!





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