Going to the Blue Lagoon with kids? Here are must-know tips for going to the Blue Lagoon with kids!

Tip 1: Know that the place isn’t really meant for kids

So lower your expectations before you go there. But hear me out and read on – it’s totally worth it!

Blue Lagoon Baby

First, kids under 2 are not allowed in the lagoon. Andrew was about 10 weeks old at the time, so we had him all bundled up in a car seat, and Tony and I took turns going in. Tony and I daydreamed of coming here without kids while one of us was outside the water watching a baby/nursing with a wet swimsuit, and the other with a toddler that’s not a fan of the water, especially a strange looking one.

The one picture we have of three of us (Tony, Henry and I), Andrew was in a car seat all bundled up on the edge (but not too close to the edge) of the pool and we asked a nice couple to take pictures of us.

Kids over 2 are allowed but should be well-behaved (haha) and wear floaties (available there for free). Henry was about 2 years old so he was able to go in, and enjoyed it enough, but people were there to relax, so his occasional yelps and splashes were definitely not welcomed. One of the times he threw a mini fit, we saw one of the security guards starting to approach us. Thankfully it was a “mini” fit and Henry stopped it right before the security got to us. The security and I just gave each other the “we got this under control” look and that was that.

Even with all of this, the experience is totally worth it and a must if you are in Iceland!

Tip 2: Bring towels, flip flops, and everything you usually bring in your diaper bag

Silica Mask Blue Lagoon

They do have packages that include towels and slippers, but it also includes other stuff (algae mask, one drink, dinner, etc.) that you may or may not be able to take advantage of while you are with kids. Especially since we didn’t know how Henry was going to react to this big blue bathtub, we opted to get the least expensive, standard package and bring our own essentials. The silica mud mask comes with the standard package, and we had a lot of fun with that. As we anticipated, we didn’t even get to enjoy 1 drink (which comes with the next level package), so we were glad to go with the standard package. More on different level packages can be found here.

Tip 3: Book in advance!

This isn’t just a tip for going with kids, but especially going with kids – you don’t want to have to turn around because you didn’t have reservations! We got to Iceland on a Tuesday, and couldn’t find reservations for until that Saturday, unless we could go at night around 8pm. Also, prices go up depending on demand. So book far enough in advance if you want prime time and to work around any naps.

Tip 4: Show up towards the end of your time slot

Show up towards the end of your time slot to minimize waiting. What most people don’t realize is that if you book for 3pm, you can show up at 3:50pm and walk right in. Most people get there right when their appointment starts, so you end up having to wait in line! Anyone with a toddler knows that waiting in line with a toddler is a nightmare.

Tip 5: Bring a waterproof camera

Blue Lagoon

You can take so many cool pictures from inside the lagoon, and it was a fun activity to do with my 2-year-old besides playing around with the silica mask. Make sure that waterproof camera has a strap on it since you can’t really see through the water, and it can easily slip out of your hands while you hold your kids!

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Have you been to the Blue Lagoon with your kids? What were your experiences?

Blue Lagoon with Kids